SUMMIT is a postdoc-led conference at the Grafton Campus of the University of Auckland! Our main purpose is to recognise and encourage research collaboration in health and related fields. SUMMIT promotes research activity and excellence in presentation skills amongst postdocs affiliated with the Faculty of the Medical and Health Sciences (FMHS), the Liggins Institute and/or Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI). It’s an excellent opportunity for networking among the research community!

This year, we are thrilled to feature our keynote presentations by AP Samantha Holdsworth (Anatomy and Medical Imaging, FMHS) and the one and only Prof Peter Hunter (Director – Auckland Bioengineering Institute).

When: Thursday November 3rd
Time: 0900 – 1900 (Programme)
Where: FMHS – Grafton

Registration is available here
Abstract guidelines and template can be found below
Abstracts must be submitted via the online portal by 5pm on the 10th of October



Presentation categories

Oral presentation (10 minutes, 8 minutes presentation, 2 minutes for questions)
Elevator Pitch (3 minutes presentation, 0 minutes for questions)

Entry details

You can enter if you are a University of Auckland part-time or full-time academic staff at FMHS/Liggins/ABI with a position lower than A/Prof (“postdoc”).
Postgraduate students should submit their work to HealthEx.
Clinical Research Fellows studying for a doctoral degree (PhD) are ineligible to present. Please submit your PhD work to HealthEx instead.
Please e-mail us with questions about eligibility –  Waivers to these rules will be liberally granted if requested ahead of time.

Abstract guidelines

  1. If you choose to enter your abstract for an oral presentation, you will be assigned to either a 10 minute oral presentation or 3 minute elevator pitch by the organising committee.
    • If you want to present preliminary data or a study at an early stage, you can still present but due to the competitive nature of abstract selection, we suggest you enter your abstract into the “only elevator pitch” category.
  2. You may submit one abstract per presenter.
    • Abstracts from the same overarching project from different presenters are okay, but make it clear in your abstracts that the work you are presenting is distinct.
  3. Ideally, the project presented should be ongoing or recently completed work done at the University of Auckland.
    • If you feel like your work doesn’t meet this criteria but still should be presented at SUMMIT, please e-mail us – exceptions are very liberally granted if asked for ahead of time.
  4. The SUMMIT abstract selection process is competitive, and not all abstracts submitted will be awarded a presentation slot.
    • Note: We take equity amongst departments and specialties very seriously, so the abstract judging teams have been drawn from many different departments, with both research and clinical backgrounds represented.

Abstract rules

The body of the abstract should be no more than 250 words
References, tables, and figures are not allowed in the abstract
Avoid excessive use of abbreviations but, if necessary, these need to be defined at the first mention.

The following template and sub-headings must be used and uploaded here by 10th October.

  1. Title (maximum 15 words, not part of abstract word limit)
  2. Authors (not part of abstract word limit, presenting author in bold or otherwise highlighted/noted)
    1. Presenting author details
    2. Department/School/Institute/Affliations
  3. Background (part of abstract 250 word limit)
  4. Methods (part of abstract 250 word limit)
  5. Results (part of abstract 250 word limit)
  6. Discussion (part of abstract 250 word limit)