The current Fanny Postdoc ‘avatar’ has been in use since the account started in 2016 and is an image found on the internet. We feel that it is time to update this ‘avatar’ to something that is unique to the FMHS PDS. The committee feels that the best way to achieve a representative ‘avatar’ is to turn this task over to our membership and take submissions for consideration – a ‘competition’.

We wouldn’t dare ask for your creative talents for free so there is a reward. We will offer $500 for research expenses* to a successful entry. A successful entrant will be announced at SUMMIT 2020**. We reserve the right not to select any entry if we determine that none are suitable for our purposes. We would require an enduring, exclusive license for use of the artwork for any FMHS PDS business. The artist may either maintain their copyright or assign it to us. The artist will be acknowledged on the FMHS PDS website.

Entry is open from ‘now’ until June 30th. Submit entries and enquiries to or @FmhsPostdoc

What do we want?

  • A high-resolution (preferably an SVG vector image, however we will accept Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator files, high resolution and uncompressed TIF/PNG files) image suitable for use as an avatar on Twitter, our website and in other PDS business where appropriate
    • Ideally the image is provided in a format that is easily modifiable for ‘themed occasions’ (Halloween, Christmas, etc.)
  • We operate Fanny Postdoc as a ‘character’; nominally an imaginary postdoc. We want to maintain this and thus the avatar should be suitable for this purpose (i.e. human). We are happy to change the name of the account and understand that your creation may have a name associated with them. It is our preference to maintain the ‘Firstname’ Postdoc format.
  • As Fanny Postdoc is a scientist (of unspecified speciality), we feel it is important that they reflect diversity.
    • We know there are tired stereotypes in various forms of media of who/what a scientist is, and what they look like. We do not want to be prescriptive about this, but please keep in mind that while our audience is primarily Postdocs at FMHS, the account is public and contribute to ideas around scientists and how they are viewed/identified.

We prefer entries from our members (RFs and SRFs in FMHS), however, we will consider entries from other research focussed people associated with the faculty. Collaborations between members and others are also welcome. Please note that due to the restrictions associated with the prize* we cannot award this externally.

* To cover agreed costs for research or professional development to be spent within the calendar year via faculty spending systems (email: for further details).

** Due to the changing situation with COVID-19 there is some uncertainty as to the details of SUMMIT 2020. We may announce the winner at another time of our choosing.

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